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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Personalized "furnitures"
Why would anyone wants to buy furniture? For utility purposes of course. One need something to sit on, beds to sleep on, cabinets to put kitchen stuff, clothes and shoes in, desk to write on, dining tables and chairs to dine in, and for a blogger like me, very important, a computer table to put our precious computer plus modem to access the Internet. Without that computer table with the computer plus modem to access the Internet, there will be no life for me. I can't live without it.

Of course there would be those who don't just consider the utility aspect. They expect something lovely to look at. Some even wants personalized stuff. Whether I would want to go along with them is a different story, but everyone has the right to their own preferences and no one has the right to question them.

house signs is an online merchant offering personalized items for the home. Would I consider personalized door mats as furnitures? I think I would as they are part of the furnishing. There is a "furni" in the word furnishing. So to me, door mats are furnitures. Same with custom address plaque. And don't forget those Personalized Mailboxes.

To me birdhouses are definitely furnitures, but not indoor furnitures. They are outdoor furnitures and not furniture for humans, but for birds.

Anyone who don't agree are welcomed to put forth their arguments in the comments why they don't agree with me. I may even respond to your comment.


Sunday, October 21, 2007
Baby Carriers Reviews and Baby Stroller Reviews
Baby carriers are not normally sold in furniture centers and are more likely to be found in baby centers. However, baby carriers I would definitely consider as a kind of furniture as they are seats for the babes, and seats are another type of furniture, except they are sort of "mobile furniture". I think baby carriers should also be sold in furniture centers.

Why am I doing this review? I just became a grandfather, and my daughter and/or her husband bought a pretty expensive and sophisticated baby stroller and carrier. They claim it is very sturdy and made to last. Definitely a far cry from the strollers we used for her and her siblings. I also think they spent far too much for something that would be used only for a short period. Out of curiosity, plus I have another daughter who married not too long ago and may also be in the market for a baby carrier and stroller, I think I will do a bit of baby carrier review and baby stroller review on what is available on the market these days (obviously I am out of touch with such things now).

What I see are names like Baby Bjor, Evenflo Snugli, the Kangaroo, Kelty baby carrier, Kelty Kangaroo Carrier, Maya Wrap, Kid Carrier and Tough Traveler being bandied around. For strollers, there is the Inglesina Zippy, Peg-Perego Pliko P3, Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe stroller, Graco SnugRide infant car seat, Quattro Tour and the Bugaboo Cameleon. All pretty high sounding names. Looks like I am out of my league for a real review. But as they say, nothing is impossible. You can't do the reviews yourself, look for someone or some organization (or whatever) do it for you.

Here is one: WIZE Baby Carrier reviews. There are an impressive 51 products (at time of publishing) included in the review, and I see some familiar names like Tough Traveler Kid Carrier which got a 100% positive from 16 reviews and ranked number 2. Then there is the Maya Wrap Baby Sling Baby Carrier which got 93% positive reviews from 97 reviews and is ranked number 4. And there is the Baby Bjorn City Baby Carrier which received 89% positive reviews from 224 reviews and is ranked number 8 in the list. It appears the more reviews the product gets, the lower it goes in the list.

For strollers, there is the WIZE Stroller Reviews which have an amazing 231 products reviewed. The one I hope my second daughter need to go for is the Baby Jogger Q-Series Double (16 In. Wheels) Navy Stroller even though it received a respectable 97% positive reviews out of 67. For that is for twins, and to me, twins means double trouble. Not easy to look after 2 babies simultaneously.