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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Get right mailbox for your home
There are a huge variety of mailboxes available, one of the online merchants which sells mailboxes plus other related things like address plaques is which sells custom mailboxes.

Way to choose a mailbox for your home

So many varieties, how to choose? This was one of the lessons I tried to teach my son. To make a decision, first get all the information you can about the thing you want to decide on first, in this case, the thing is mailboxes. This is provided you have the luxury of time. Sometimes, you don't have that, then you have to depend on experience and instinct, and sometimes, advice from those you trust. Consider all the information you have, including what is available, then make a decision based on your priority, needs, budget, etc.

curbside mailbox, regular or lockingNow I have a mailbox that looks something like the one you see in the photo on the left. Mine is what I think they refer to a a regular curbside mailbox because there is no lock for the mailbox. They also have locking curbside mailboxes. Now I frequently receive mails with checks enclosed. Obviously one would not like such mails with checks to be stolen. If security for my mail is my priority, then making a decision on what mailbox to get a what I believe they call a "no brainer". No need to think very much. Locking mailboxes should be what I should be looking at. Now I have narrowed down the choices. Other factors like budget, looks, etc., may then be taken into consideration and a final decision would be made after all these factors are taken into consideration.



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